portraits with @ritaora.

#seyeisikalu x #ritaora x @thatgrapejuice
[ right now. ]
really loving this sketch of my shot of @imtiarayoung, illustrated by @lexxsketch. dopeness!
[ t h e  g u i l d ]
feeling very blessed to love what i do. today was dope.

thanks @thatrotarrius & @donnieamelie!
the inside of your head does not an effective notepad make.
[ c h r i s t o p h e r ? ]
[ l o n n y ? ]
Why did you sexualize the poem when the original wasn't like that ..

If you’re referring to the nudity, I don’t feel as though nudity is automatically synonymous with sexualization. Or at least not the way the nudity is showcased in this clip.

The original poem talks about an appreciation for a particular black man in an almost voyeuristic tone. That’s what I was trying to capture.