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#tbt: shooting gowns in brixton
[ me, smiling. ]
[ eyes mirrored. ]

thanks @lovekasumu.
snapchat: egowhatego
ever been told to “stool down” (if u know you know) for taking your dad’s rolex to wear to school? 👀

watch the film i shot to accompany the editorial (which features my mother) @ duduexhibition.tumblr.com thanks!

styling by tokyo james
hair by momo sabah
make-up by amrita dhanjal
model brenda @ d1models
…fast forward to now. practically begging her to get me every colour fila (traditional african hat) she can find when she visits nige, cause i was determined to make them a ‘thing’ this summer (lol, fugg yo bucket hats!)
…practically forced to rock traditional wear on all special occasions, i vowed that once i was old enough to buy my own clothes and dress myself, i would never ever rock traditional again!